“Community Initiatives is the car that gets us where we want to go. Most of us dreamers with passionate ideas get excited and push forward and then we realize that to get to our destination, we need insurance, we need to know the traffic rules, we need the right kind of gas– that’s what fiscal sponsorship does.

Community Initiatives has expertise and capacity that come with years of experience that we don’t have yet. And operational matters are not where we want to invest our time anyway; we want to keep growing and activating our ideas!”

- José González, Latino Outdoors

“Oh my gosh, it [Fiscal Sponsorship with Community Initiatives] means we can actually do the work and not worry about all the backend stuff! Because I’ve worked in nonprofits, I know how much work is involved. Also, you guys have this group of experts and smarty pants! I can come up with random weird questions and you have answers for us. You offer suggestions and ask how you can help. We know that Community Initiatives is not just doing paperwork; you have our back and are invested in our growth. Having Community Initiatives support also means that we can raise money from grants. And learning about financials and budgeting from Community Initiatives has not only made that piece clear and organized for our project, it has helped in other areas of my life!”


-Elizabeth Lanyon, SF Dyke March

San Francisco Dyke March
Startup Policy Lab

“It’s really nice, and I say this with love, to know that a professional team is taking care of the entire backend for us. Everyone at Community Initiatives is supportive and attentive. Our specialist is incredibly responsive, flexible, and helpful and all I can say is THANK YOU! I know that if I am uncertain about something, about whether something is possible, I can talk to Community Initiatives and they will help solve problems. That doesn’t mean that everything is possible, but most of the time we find a solution that works. It’s a positive, constructive relationship. We love being a part of the Community Initiatives community and are happy to offer our help to anyone in the network!”


-Charles Belle, Startup Policy Lab

“The help with accounting and taxes, legal advice, and nonprofit expertise is invaluable. Community Initiatives saves us time and gives us peace of mind to focus on our events.


-Debora Tingley, Memory Care Café

“When you’re working at a small nonprofit and working from home, like we each do, it can be lonely, so it is great to be a part of the Community Initiatives community– both from a social aspect with events like the holiday party and knowing that we receive so much support from Community Initiatives!”


-Patricia Ris, Memory Care Cafe

Memory Care Cafe

“Fiscal sponsorship is an efficient way of delivering services to a pool of organizations. It’s ideal for us at our size and stage of development, and maybe longer! We love not having to worry about many operational challenges, like human resources and payroll and insurance, or being able to consult an attorney about language in sub-contractual agreements.”


-Teiasha Bankhead, Restorative Justice for Oakland Youth