Community Initiatives works with projects with diverse funding streams including foundation grants, events, corporate sponsorships, government grants, email solicitations, and even raffles. Hear about their experiences with Community Initiatives. Our collective impact is incredibly broad, though each project is unique in its goals. Get to know our rich community.

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3rd Avenue Habitat, Beach & Water Access Restoration Project

3rd Avenue Habitat, Beach & Water Access Restoration Project's mission to restore habitat, beach and “safe” kiteboarding water access in a manner that serves the local community, utilizing practical methods that are resilient to sea level rise and which incorporate both natural systems and traditional engineering approaches.

logo_academic data science alliance

Academic Data Science Alliance

The Academic Data Science Alliance (ADSA) builds communities of academic data science leaders, practitioners, and educators, and academic-adjacent colleagues, to thoughtfully integrate data science best practices in higher education. ADSA members connect and share their data-intensive approaches and responsible applications.

Academic Resilience Consortium

Academic Resilience Consortium

The Academic Resilience Consortium (ARC) emerged from a shared sense that today's students encounter unprecedented challenges in their lives and work that require them to exercise capacities for resilience, and that institutions of higher education have an important role to play in helping young people develop these capacities. Participating institutions determine independently how to address issues of resilience on their own campuses, given their unique resources, interests, and student populations.

Active Voice Lab

Active Voice Lab

Active Voice Lab is a nonprofit network of seasoned strategists that helps funders, advocates, media makers, and other leaders use story to advance social change. Social change becomes possible when policy experts, philanthropists, researchers, organizers, social entrepreneurs, and “creatives” work together.

Adachi Project logo

Adachi Project

The Adachi Project is created through a visionary collaboration between the San Francisco Public Defender, Compound and the award-winning cultural creative studio Even/Odd. Their goal is to produce compelling media that not only changes how people perceive justice in society, but also how stories of justice are discovered, told and experienced in culture.

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Alameda County Community Wealth Building Initiative

The purpose / mission of the Alameda County Community Wealth Building Initiative is to re-imagine economic realities in the county’s low-income communities of color through community wealth-building strategies that powerfully leverage people, capital, and ideas.

logo_Alliance for Felix Cove

Alliance for Felix Cove

The Alliance for Felix Cove advocates for the protection and restoration of the only remaining 19th century Tomalko (Coast Miwok Tomales Bay)-built home at Point Reyes National Seashore. The Alliance aims to re-indigenize the ancestral homelands of the Felix Family—the last Tomalko family to live on the western shores of Tomales Bay at Felix Cove known as Laird’s Landing.



AlliedUP will create economic mobility and racial equity for low-wage workers through a worker-owned, union-organized staffing company designed to ensure low-wage Allied healthcare workers, a workforce comprised predominantly of low-wage women of color, have union-scale wages, portable benefits, and retirement plans while enjoying the opportunity to achieve sustainable financial security through shareholder dividends.

Arctos Collections Community

Arctos Collections Community

Arctos Collections Community connects natural and cultural history collections within a digital ecosystem that promotes high quality data to empower research, education, and conservation.

Attendance Works

Attendance Works

The mission of Attendance Works is to advance student success by reducing chronic absence. They do this by building public awareness and political will about the need to address chronic absence, fostering state campaigns and partnerships, and encouraging local practice by providing technical assistance and tools to help communities.


Bay Area Community Health Advisory Council (BACHAC)

The Bay Area Community Health Advisory Council (BACHAC) is dedicated to eliminating health disparities across generations and diverse communities through education and services.


Bay Area Network for Diversity Training in Early Childhood (BANDTEC)

BANDTEC’s mission is to promote the creation of an equitable society for children and their families by providing a continuum of professional development and leadership in diversity issues among early education and care providers.

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Bay Area PPE Fund

The Bay Area PPE Fund is a set of charitable programs responding to COVID-19 by manufacturing face shields and other PPE to be donated to all those in need, such as government and nonprofit organizations, first responders, hospitals, and others who are on the front lines.

logo_behavioral health collaborative of alameda county

Behavioral Health Collaborative of Alameda County

The Behavioral Health Collaborative of Alameda County (the Collaborative) is an association of California nonprofits that provide behavioral health services to the county's most vulnerable children, youth, adults, and seniors. The purpose of the association is to provide leadership that ensures a comprehensive behavioral health system, which maximizes the well-being and life satisfaction of all Alameda County residents.

BCSA Logo Vertical

Big Cat Sanctuary Alliance

Big Cat Sanctuary Alliance works to eliminate private ownership and the commercial exploitation of wild cats in the United States. Their goal is achieving the day when sanctuaries are no longer needed because the ownership and commercial exploitation of wild cats have been eliminated.

BFN Logo

Black Funders Network

Black Funders Network (BFN) provides a space for Black professionals in philanthropy to be in community and connected with one another in order to maximize philanthropic investments in Black communities. BFN fosters an aligned support network of Bay Area Black professionals in philanthropy to insure the voice of our community is represented at all levels in a representative and sustained manner in the philanthropic sector.

Breaking Barriers

Breaking Barriers

Breaking Barriers is a collaborative of experts from across systems that have come together to advance the social, emotional, and behavioral wellbeing of California’s children and youth through a range of efforts to improve access to services, facilitate innovation, and align the state’s resources around the needs of children.

Breakthrough Sac

Breakthrough Sacramento

Breakthrough Sacramento’s mission is to motivate and enable middle school and high school students to pursue access to a college education through a year-round, tuition-free, college preparatory program for academically-motivated, ethnically diverse students from under-resourced schools in the Sacramento area.


Business Council on Climate Change

The Business Council on Climate Change (BC3) is a partnership of San Francisco Bay Area businesses collectively committed to reducing their contribution to global climate change through the BC3’s “Principles on Climate Leadership.” BC3 members collaborate to identify valuable tools and establish best practices.

California Child Welfare

California Child Welfare Co-Investment Partnership

The California Child Welfare Co-Investment Partnership addresses complex problems at a macro level, pursues selected new opportunities, and helps to improve outcomes in the child welfare system through smart, strategic cross-sector collaboration.

California Community Schools Learning Exchange logo

California Community Schools Learning Exchange

California Community Schools Learning Exchange works directly with districts and their community partners to develop and implement community school strategies and improvement practices.

CA Foodshed Funders

California Foodshed Funders

California Foodshed Funders is a peer-to-peer staff development organization of funders that are dedicated to accelerating the shift toward regenerative organic farming practices and sustainably-minded and just food systems.

CA Policy Center for Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

California Policy Center for Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

California Policy Center for Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities' mission is to establish a strategic, multidisciplinary, expert entity that will provide evidence-based research and best practices to recommend policies and procedures to greatly improve services for California’s 330,000 people with intellectual and developmental disabilities receiving state services.

California Policy Collaborative

California Policy Collaborative

The California Policy Collaborative’s (CPC) mission is to build the policy knowledge, expertise of and connections between policy staff through accurate and relevant content coupled with engaging, enriching, and fun experiences, all for the ultimate benefit of California’s children and communities.

Castro Country Club logo

Castro Country Club

The Castro Country Club is a clean & sober gathering place for all people and a home for the queer recovery community. They endeavor to be a space where all can seek wisdom, serenity, courage and joy.

Center for Ethical Leadership in Media

Center for Ethical Leadership in Media

Formerly The Press Forward, the Center for Ethical Leadership in Media provides research, education, ideas and leadership for a safe, fair and sustainable news media.

Center for Reaching & Teaching the Whole Child logo

Center for Reaching & Teaching the Whole Child (CRTWC)

CRTWC's mission is to enhance the capacity of schools to meet the needs of children and their educators by integrating social, emotional, and cultural competencies into teacher preparation and on-going professional development.

Center for Scientific Collaboration and Community Engagement logo

Center for Scientific Collaboration and Community Engagement

Center for Scientific Collaboration and Community Engagement (CSCCE) is a research and training center to support and study the emerging field of scientific community engagement.


Centro de Documentación e Información Bolivia (CEDIB)

CEDIB's main objective is that information contributes to increase citizenship and, thus, strengthening democracy, peace culture and sustainable development on a long term. They consider information to be a Human Right and work to make it available to everyone.

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Chinatown Renaissance 2021

The Chinatown Renaissance 2021 (CR21) will work to identify, seek new private funding for, and subsequently fund projects in San Francisco Chinatown to help rebuild the economic and social fabric of a neighborhood that has been severely impacted by the misfortune of the covid pandemic and anti-Chinese hate.

Comscicon logo


ComSciCon is a workshop series organized by graduate students, for graduate students, focused on science communication skills. Their goal is to empower future leaders in technical communication to share the results from research in their field to broad and diverse audiences, not just practitioners in their fields.

Construction Industry

Construction Industry Workshop Initiative (CIWI)

CIWI is a partnership of private sector construction and real estate development companies committed to expanding opportunities and enhancing the diversity of the construction industry workforce.

Bay Area Early Childhood Funders

Early Childhood Funders

Early Childhood Funders is an association of Bay Area foundations, public funders and private donors, seeking to enhance grantmaking effectiveness by providing an opportunity to share information, engage in dialogue, and participate in activities to improve the lives of children and their families.


East Bay Getting to Zero

East Bay Getting to Zero's mission is to advance health equity and promote healing for all people impacted by HIV. Their vision is an East Bay with zero HIV stigma, health disparities or new HIV transmissions.

El/La Para TransLatinas

El/La Para TransLatinas

El/La Para TransLatinas fights for the rights of translatinas. It works to build a world where translatinas feel they deserve to protect, love and develop themselves. By building this base, they support each other in protecting themselves against violence, abuse and illness.

Emergency Prep Help logo

Emergency Prep Help

Emergency Prep Help prepares seniors for natural disasters and other emergencies.

entrepreneurship funders network EFN logo

Entrepreneurship Funders Network

The Entrepreneurship Funders Network is an inclusive peer network of funders committed to learning and working together. Their missions is o galvanize philanthropic funders to inspire entrepreneurship, support entrepreneurs, and strengthen entrepreneurial ecosystems. By informing, connecting, and catalyzing action, Entrepreneurship Funders Network increases its members’ knowledge, networks, and efficacy; bolsters entrepreneurship; and contributes to shared prosperity.



Exygy is a digital agency with expertise in design and technology, working exclusively with impact-focused organizations.

frontline workers counseling project logo

Frontline Workers Counseling Project

The Frontline Workers Counseling Project (FWCP) is an initiative that helps connect frontline workers with free, confidential psychotherapy and counseling. Over 450 licensed and insured professional psychotherapists in the Bay Area have volunteered to offer free services through the FWCP, representing a wide range of personal and professional backgrounds, including psychologists, licensed clinical social workers, psychiatrists, and marriage and family therapists.

Gameheads Oakland


Gameheads is a tech training program that uses video game design, development and DevOps to create diverse talent and bold new voices, train youth for the tech ecosystem, and prepare them for college, career and civic life.


Global Philanthropy Project

Global Philanthropy Project (GPP) is a collaboration of funders and philanthropic advisors working to expand global philanthropic support to advance the human rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex (LGBTI) people in the Global South and East.

Growth Circles logo

Growth Circles

Many low-income students in Marin City, CA do not have the same opportunity as their more affluent peers in Marin County to travel and learn about college and career opportunities. Growth Circles was formed to offer enriching educational travel experiences to inspire Marin City middle and high school students to think bigger and achieve more.

Harmony Project

Harmony Project Bay Area (formerly Music Team SF)

The Harmony Project Bay Area's primary goals are to improve students' overall skills for academic and life success, and give them the experience of belonging to a meaningful community. These efforts greatly enhance the limited music education available at public schools where the project operates.

harps of comfort logo

Harps of Comfort

Harps of Comfort provides remote harp and vocal music for isolated patients with COVID-19, their loved ones and front-line caregivers. Their highly trained palliative musicians offer individually tailored, live music sessions along with compassionate, loving presence.

HERicanes logo


HERicanes is dedicated to empowering girls and young women, specifically in athletics and team sports, by running workshops, mentorship programs, and speaking events.

Immigrants Rising

Immigrants Rising (FKA Educators for Fair Consideration)

Immigrants Rising transforms individuals and fuels broader changes. With resources and support, undocumented young people are able to get an education, pursue careers, and build a brighter future for themselves and their community.


Innovation Center for Community and Youth Development

The mission of the Innovation Center for Community and Youth Development is to unleash the potential of youth, adults, organizations, and communities to engage together in creating a just and equitable society. The Center equips community-based organizations with the skills, tools, and values to engage young people as equal partners in social change and networks them with peers, funders, and academics.

logo_institute for transportation decarbonization

Institute for Transportation Decarbonization

Institute for Transportation Decarbonization's research would result in cleaner air for all Americans. ITD is building a roadmap to drive transportation emissions to zero through policy frameworks, technology innovations, and market decisions.

jewish multiracial network logo

Jewish Multiracial Network

The Jewish Multiracial Network (JMN) was founded in 1997 by a group of parents who wanted to provide a community and supportive network for multiracial Jewish families. JMN’s initial programming efforts sought to provide Jewish children of color and their families a space where their dual identities would not be challenged — through the organization of social gatherings along the East Coast and the development of an annual retreat, which continues to this day.

Jewish Youth for Community Action logo

Jewish Youth for Community Action

Jewish Youth for Community Action engages Jewish youth in movements for social justice by creating a joyous, multiracial community where young people develop innovative leadership and organizing skills, facilitate socio-political learning, and run action campaigns.

Just Solutions Collective logo

Just Solutions Collective

Just Solutions Collective brings together a diverse set of organizations, from frontline leaders to intermediary organizations to national environmental groups, who are invested in working to identify, share, and promote solutions that will advance the transition to a 100% clean, regenerative energy future that is equitable and just.
Formerly The 100% Network.


Latino Outdoors

Latino Outdoors brings cultura into the outdoor narrative and connects Latino familias and youth with nature and outdoor experiences. By doing so, Latino Outdoors inspires Latino leadership and empowers communities to explore and share their stories in defining the Latino Outdoors identity.

logo_live free


The mission of LIVE FREE USA is to create racial and economic justice in the United States by engaging people in public life to translate faith into action and to overcome barriers to opportunity in low-income communities. They work primarily in four areas: reduce gun violence, mass incarceration reform, civic engagement, and narrative change efforts.


LOUD for Tomorrow

LOUD For Tomorrow is a grassroots Youth, Latinx, and LGBTQ+-led organization based in Central Valley, California, building youth power to transform our schools and communities through civic engagement, advocacy, and community healing. LOUD trains youth of Color to lead local issue awareness and mobilization campaigns with an environmental and social justice lens.


Make: Community

Make Community’s purpose is to encourage hands-on learning for youth and adults, to provide job skills particularly for those not attending traditional four-year colleges, and to develop an innovation mindset across program participants.

Masks4All logo


Masks4All educates the public, the media and state health care officials on the importance of cloth facial coverings in stopping the spread of COVID-19.

Mass STEM Hub Project logo

Mass STEM Hub Industry Partner Program

Mass STEM Hub Industry Partner Program works to support premier STEM programs that engage students and prepare them for college and ultimately 21st century careers. Ths program recruits industry partners to sponsor events, volunteer at participating schools, and provide other learning opportunities for students and teachers to authentically engage with professionals working in the STEM disciplines.

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Media-Data Research Consortium

The Media-Data Research Consortium creates collaborative opportunities for conducting noncommercial public interest research on diverse media to enhance information integrity and address the scourge of disinformation.


MENTOR California

MENTOR California is an affiliate of The National Mentoring Partnership, which is a unifying champion for expanding quality mentoring for America’s young people. MENTOR’s goal is to help young people by generating and driving the investment of time and money into high impact mentoring programs and promoting quality mentoring through the development and delivery of mentoring program standards, cutting-edge research and state-of-the-art tools. MENTOR accomplishes this work in partnership with affiliates that are non-partisan, public-private organizations that galvanize local, statewide or regional mentoring movements, and provide the leadership and infrastructure to drive the quantity and quality of mentoring experiences for young people.

Milton Marks Family Camp

Milton Marks Neuro-Oncology Family Camp

The Milton Marks Neuro-Oncology Family Camp represents an unprecedented effort to address the needs of brain tumor patients and their families that reach beyond medical therapy. The three day camp provides respite, joy and community to families coping with a parent's brain tumor.


Mission Science Workshop

Mission Science Workshop is committed to enriching the educational experience of low-income and historically underserved youth. Through science, students can acquire a more intimate understanding of the world around them.


North American Primate Sanctuary Alliance

North American Primate Sanctuary Alliance (NAPSA) is a continent-wide consortium of sanctuaries that advocate on behalf of captive primates and provide lifelong homes to primates who have been retired from biomedical research, the entertainment industry, and private ownership.


Northern Sierra Partnership

Northern Sierra Partnership is a collaborative of five organizations to conserve, restore and expand public access to the natural landscapes of the northern Sierra Nevada. Working to raise private funding for conservation in the region, the group is working towards their goals and going strong.

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Nursing Education Heritage Project

The Nursing Education Heritage Projects supports the education of nurses and the advancement of the profession through scholarships and educational activities.

One Day at a Time

One Day at a Time

One Day At a Time (ODAT)’s goal is to provide youth with a supportive network of peers, opportunities for academic and personal growth and exposure to positive transformative experiences. By enhancing education and leadership skills, providing guidance and developing trusting relationships, they empower our youth with the confidence and life skills to make better choices and lead positive lives.

oregon just transition alliance logo

Oregon Just Transition Alliance

The Oregon Just Transition Alliance (OJTA) is a movement of communities facing environmental racism, climate change, and economic exploitation – the frontlines of injustice and the frontlines of change. They bring together organizations committed to base-building in frontline communities. They gather to create ownership over their collective future and move Oregon toward an economy that is rooted in their shared values.

Outreach to Outcomes logo

Outreach to Outcomes

Outreach to Outcomes provides outreach and supportive case management services to underserved populations in Northern California.

Outward Impact logo

Outward Impact

Outward Impact’s (OI) mission is to reduce barriers and enhance access to vital community programs and essential services. OI leverages an extensive network of community-based organization and funding partnerships to prioritize and enable the dissemination of vital program information through its community outreach resources.

People Power logo

People Power

People Power is a nonprofit social enterprise with a mission to create a new equity-centered model for identifying and developing talent to power the movement for social justice. We provide two much-needed services: talent search services for mission-driven organizations and career advising services for emerging leaders. Seeking to bring transparency and joy to the way we connect talented people to meaningful employment, our vision is grounded in the collective wisdom of our broad and diverse intergenerational network. Currently piloting in the San Francisco Bay Area, we welcome partnerships across the United States.

Formerly Butler Koshland Fellowships

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Phenomenal Theater Fund

The mission of the Phenomenal Theatre Fund is to amplify women and historically excluded communities by lifting up the stories, experiences, and talents of underrepresented artists in theatre and the performing arts.


Pre-Health Dreamers

Pre-Health Dreamers (PHD) is a rapidly growing network and community of over 800 health career bound undocumented students across 42 different states, representing various career interests. PHD investigates and shares information on career pathways for pre-health undocumented students as well as advocates for more progressive institutional and governmental policies for undocumented students.

Logo Predistribution Initiative

Predistribution Initiative

Predistribution Initiative co-creates improved investment structures and practices that share more wealth and governance control with workers and communities, have stronger investment team incentives for ESG integration, and that ultimately address systemic risks, including inequality and climate change.


Project Homeless Connect

The mission of Project Homeless Connect is to connect San Franciscans experiencing homelessness with the care they need to move forward.


Public Engagement for Public Schools

Public Engagement for Public Schools (PEPS) believes that public education is foundational to democracy and that broad based public support is essential to a healthy public school system. PEPS provides opportunities for San Franciscans to support public schools with our hearts, minds, money and votes.

pyOpenSci logo


pyOpenSci is building an inclusive scientific community that values open, well documented, tested, usable and citable open source software and open science best practices. This community will have increased capacity to contribute to and support open source software through community support and resources, education and training, and mentorship.


Radical Monarchs

The Radical Monarchs create opportunities for young girls of color to form fierce sisterhood, celebrate their identities and contribute radically to their communities.

Hip-Hop Political Education Summit

Rap Sessions Hip-Hop Convention Archive

In 2004, the founding director of Rap Sessions, Bakari Kitwana, co-founded the National Hip-Hop Political Convention and commissioned a video production team to recorded the 3 days long event. The mission of this project is to create a digital video archive collection of the 2004 National Hip-Hop Political Convention to add to the existing Rap Sessions Hip-Hop Archiving Project, which began online in 2005 and was recently expanded in 2019-2020 to a digital video archive at the Harvard University Library.

Rapid Climate Action Network

Rapid Climate Action Network

The RAPID Climate Action Network arose from the RAPID Forum held in January 2020 and the need for a lasting entity to support, connect, and work with all the various climate activities occurring across multiple sectors.

Regeneracion Pajaro Valley logo

Regeneración – Pájaro Valley Climate Action

Regeneración was founded on the principle that climate change is a social justice issue with local impacts and must be engaged with on a local level in order to build resilient communities.

Renaissance Journalism

Renaissance Journalism & Storytelling Center

The technology revolution offers unparalleled opportunities for journalists to transform media into powerful tools that advance equity, give voice to the voiceless, illuminate injustice, and move people to action. Renaissance Journalism experiments with bold, fresh approaches to news and storytelling and pushes journalists to produce work that makes a difference.


RENEW Center

RENEW Center is a nonprofit that helps individuals in groups rekindle motivation, restore energy, and move ahead. RENEW provides opportunities for people to work together to analyze circumstances and develop approaches and solutions so they can work and live with more focus, resilience, and even joy.

Salinas Community Science Workshop

Salinas Community Science Workshop

Salinas Community Science Workshop offers a community space filled with the tools and materials of science that serves as a science education resource available to students, teachers, families, and citizens interested in learning and discovery through interaction and contact with the physical and natural world.

San Francisco Dyke March

San Francisco Dyke March

The mission of the San Francisco Dyke March is to bring the dyke community together to celebrate unity, raise consciousness and be visible. Strengthening an international perspective in the community, the rally and march advocates justice for all dykes around the world.

Hep B Free-San Fran Bay Area

San Francisco Hep B Free- Bay Area

The San Francisco Hep B Free- Bay Area campaign is a collaboration of over thirty diverse public and private interests working together to eliminate the transmission of hepatitis B, with a special emphasis on the Asian and Pacific Islander populations who bear a disproportionate rate of chronic hepatitis B infection.


San Francisco Human Services Network

The San Francisco Human Services Network (HSN) is an association about 80 community-based nonprofit agencies united into a public-policy organization dedicated to addressing issues critical to the health and human services sector of San Francisco.

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Saving Democracy

Saving Democracy's (SD) organizers intend to strengthen Americans' understanding of and preference for liberal democracy as their chosen form of government. SD is driven to action by the steady rise of illiberalism in American society, mirrored in the country’s culture and politics, that endangers the founding traditions enumerated in the Constitution. These behaviors include handing power to illiberal leaders, displacing jurisprudence and civility, and governing by decree rather than consensus. SD will define the present threats and shape change.

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Saving Democracy

Saving Democracy's (SD) organizers intend to strengthen Americans' understanding of and preference for liberal democracy as their chosen form of government. SD are driven to action by the steady rise of illiberalism in American society, mirrored in the country’s culture and politics, that endangers the founding traditions enumerated in the Constitution. These behaviors include handing power to illiberal leaders, displacing jurisprudence and civility, and governing by decree rather than consensus. SD will define the present threats and shape change.



Seen52 seeks to meet the needs of young people impacted by the child welfare system by providing a joyful, stable environment, trauma-informed community, and meaningful learning pathways so that every participant is empowered with the knowledge necessary for thriving, healthy independence.

SF Expanded Learning Collaborative logo

SF Expanded Learning Collaborative

SF's Expanded Learning Collaborative aims to improve education by improving the quality of out of school time programs across San Francisco by increasing the awareness and use of common tools, encouraging peer learning, and creating coherence in approaches to quality programming.

Logo Sierra Seeds

Sierra Seeds

Sierra Seeds believes through the power of cultivating creative supportive learning spaces, circles, and curricula they can work together to seed the change for a more equitable and beautiful food system that centers around a deep sense of belonging and connection.


South Kern Sol

South Kern Sol (SKS) is a youth-led journalism organization located in Bakersfield, California. SKS is engendering a new generation of youth leaders and communicators engaged with the issues closest to them and their communities. SKS’s storytellers are making health happen in underserved communities in Kern by engaging in conversations with decision makers and questioning systems and policies that are oppressing communities of color.



STRONGHOLD Collective works at the intersection of racial and restorative justice to support and co-create accountable communities of belonging. STRONGHOLD embodies a trauma-healing, restorative and transformative justice framework to address, account for, and transform the harms of white supremacy and racism.

Teachers 4 Social Justice

Teachers 4 Social Justice (T4SJ)

Teachers 4 Social Justice is a grassroots non-profit teacher support and development organization. T4SJ educates and organizes teachers and community-based educators, and implements programs and projects aimed at developing empowering learning environments.

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Technology for Social Impact

Technology for Social Impact uses technology and software development to optimize effectiveness in designing and executing student success strategies.


The Black Genius Foundation

The Black Genius Foundation (TBGF) celebrates and invests in the intellectual and creative genius of Black artists, arts professionals and arts organizations that have committed themselves to creating and supporting work dedicated to and rooted in the African Diaspora. Through grants and awards, public programs and digital initiatives, TBGF elevates the past-present-future continuum of how the African Diaspora continues to define genius.

The Carpentries

The Carpentries

The Carpentries is building community teaching core computational and data skills for efficient, shareable and reproducible research. They accomplish this by running accessible, inclusive training workshops; teaching openly available, high-quality, domain-tailored lessons; and fostering an active, inclusive, diverse instructor community that promotes and models reproducible research as a community norm.

The Chisholm Legacy Project logo

The Chisholm Legacy Project

The mission of the Chisholm Legacy Project is rooted in a just transition framework, serving as a vehicle to connect Black communities on the frontlines of climate justice with resources to traverse the path from vision to strategy to action plan to implementation to transformation. In support of frontline leadership, the project seeks to link movements and mainstream entities with the tools necessary to advance systems change centered in equity and justice. With Black women on the frontlines of advancing systems change, this project ensures that these leaders have the supports they need as they transform society from extractivism to a living economy that cares for sacred relationships between people and with Mother Earth, through regenerative, cooperative, democratic systems.

The Council for Global Equality logo

The Council for Global Equality

The Council for Global Equality brings together international human rights activists, foreign policy experts, LGBT leaders, philanthropists and corporate officials to encourage a clearer and stronger American voice on human rights concerns impacting LGBT communities around the world.

FruitGuys Community Fund

The FruitGuys Community Fund

The FruitGuys Community Fund provides grants to small farms and agricultural nonprofits for sustainability projects that have large, positive impacts on the environment, local food systems, and farm diversity. The Fund's mission is to support small farms in their efforts for greater environmental and economic health, community engagement, and advocacy that supports sustainable agriculture.

FundforPeopleinParks, The

The Fund for People in Parks

The Fund for People in Parks provides private funding and resources to complete inspirational projects that directly benefit visitors in western National Parks. The Fund continues the long-standing tradition of private philanthropy for National Parks and concern for the visitor that was at the heart of the founding and growth of the National Park system.

The Healing Well

The Healing Well

The Healing WELL: Wellness, Empowerment, Liberation and Love promotes healing and recovery for homeless and marginally-housed adults through the offering of holistic healing classes, focusing on stress reduction, healthy eating and fitness, personal development and social support. Weekly volunteer-led classes include sessions like yoga, meditation, poetry, and substance abuse support groups.

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The Invitation

The Invitation directly invests in and unlocks the creative talents, assets and resources of marginalized communities seeking to break free from oppressive systems that divide, disrupt and undermine their families, neighbors, and foundational neighborhood allies, assets and resources.

The Nexel Collaborative logo

The Nexel Collaborative

The mission of The Nexel Collaborative is to transform higher education by forming a collaborative of colleges and universities offering innovative programming for adults in midlife focused on renewing purpose, building new intergenerational communities, and attending to their health and wellness. The Collaborative is a resource to schools looking for ideas, curriculum models, financial and administrative advice, a supportive environment for sharing best practices and challenges faced, and eventually, a data repository for research investigating issues of longevity and the effect of intergenerational learning environments on students, faculty, institutions and society.

Vision Zero Network logo

Vision Zero Network

The Vision Zero Network is a collaborative campaign committed to helping communities reach their goal of Vision Zero — eliminating all traffic fatalities and severe injuries – in order to ensure safe, healthy, equitable mobility for all.


Visitacion Valley Connections

Visitacion Valley Connections is the catalyst to build connections between businesses, residents and service-providers that brings resources to support positive growth for the entire Visitacion Valley Community.



To transform human connections into economic and social impact by accelerating high-potential nonprofit organizations. Formerly M10 Nonprofit Accelerator

logo_Widespread Care

Widespread Care

Widespread Care creates new relations between people, with each other, and within living systems. Through their work, they build technology that helps people form, run, protect, and finance care work cooperatives.


Working Scholars Fund

The Working Scholars Fund addresses a critical need in today’s world as the earnings gap between college graduates and those with less education continues to widen. Their  mission is to provide a low-cost and highly efficient college pathway for adult learners to boost economic and workforce development in local communities. The program aims to reach underserved populations including females and persons of color.