Brand Marketing Manager

Danielle Peterson

When Danielle Peterson joined Oakland-based Community Initiatives, she returned to her roots in the city where she was born and raised. Her career path has taken her many places around the greater Bay Area and to Chicago for a brief stint. Educational pursuits have taken her to Southern California and Miami Beach, Florida.

Drawn by Community Initiatives’ mission to support a diverse network of community-serving causes, Danielle finds her coworkers friendly and enjoys the positive culture. She likes that Community Initiatives works with programs of diverse ideologies and causes, and that they are willing to work with projects at a variety of stages. This diversity keeps her work interesting and dynamic, and allows her to help the organization reach more people.

Danielle enjoys the creative and strategic aspects of marketing as it taps into a variety of skills and provides interesting communication opportunities. She believes collaboration with others achieves the best work, and whether she is a member in a large marketing team or promoting a smaller organization, she values the opportunity to discover new approaches and techniques

Danielle has over fifteen years of marketing experience in brand strategy and brand marketing, working both the agency and client sides in a variety of fields. She holds a bachelor’s in Business Administration from University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business, and is a graduate of Miami Ad School’s Boot Camp for Account Planners.