Project Accountant

Jessica Jordan

Jessica loves accounting, a field that often draws people who enjoy more solitary work. In her case, she derives a great amount of satisfaction from working directly with clients and being able to help them solve their problems. She thrives working in the fiscal sponsorship sector because of her enjoyment working both with numbers and the people who benefit from them.  

Jessica’s previous experience working in movement-building nonprofits, where offices are collaborative across organizations, really opened her eyes as to how fiscal sponsors can develop deeper partnerships with organizations so they reach their missions’ goals. Because of this past experience she looks at the working relationship from both the point of view of the client and the accountant. She greatly appreciates the work Community Initiatives supports and derives a great amount of satisfaction from being involved in their many diverse projects.

Jessica is from the Bay Area, born in San Francisco and growing up in the East Bay. At one point, she went to art school in Southern California to pursue her love of photography, but ultimately decided to focus on accounting. 

When she’s not crunching numbers and helping clients through accounting issues, she loves to spend her time knitting. An avid knitter, she has put together a knitting group where knitters of all levels of experience can come, enjoy some food and drink, and work on their knitting skills. Jessica finds knitting to be a meditative experience for her and has been caught knitting while at the beach and on tropical vacations as well as when she’s unwinding at home.