Project Accountant

Jenny Wu

A Business Management Economics and Accounting major at UC Santa Cruz, Jenny has four years of accounting experience in the for-profit and education sectors, focusing on effective systematization and analysis.

Jenny loves the fact that Community Initiatives gives projects the opportunity to make their vision come alive through expert and reliable guidance. She was initially interested in Community Initiative’s support of animals and education. “I’m happy when the clients can trust and rely on our work. I’m very touched by how these projects provide services for people in need, from medical care to animals to science workshops to kids.”

In one striking example, Community Initiative’s partnership with the Palomacy: Pigeon and Dove Adoption inspires Jenny because it made Jenny look at pigeons in a new way. Seeing something common in a new light brings some magic to each day and appreciation for the good work she is a part of at Community Initiatives.

Born and raised in San Francisco and passionate about her community, she speaks Cantonese and English. She keeps busy at work, but in her spare time she also keeps it eclectic – with interests in bodybuilding, scrapbooking, and digital art.