Project Accountant

Dewey Singh

Dewey pursued accounting for the opportunity to work at an organization that supports the community. He enjoys providing solid partnerships to diverse organizations by managing complex administrative tasks.

“Having been to one of our FSP’s annual company get-togethers, I had an opportunity to step outside my administrative role and see the scope of the work being engaged in. I saw the depth of care and commitment to mission which this organization was living… From their board members to their front-line staff this was a driven organization with ideas that were being put to work in a highly collaborative fashion. It’s amazing to be of service to an organization like that.”

A graduate of San Francisco State with a BS in Business Administration and Accounting, Dewey brings twenty years of accounting experience with him to Community Initiatives. He feels that while he may be considered an accountant at work, he serves more as a business partner to organizations.

Dewey is originally from Los Angeles. When he’s not helping Community Initiatives thrive, he spends time hiking in the mountains, taking urban hikes in the Bay Area, and behind the mixing board in his studio. He also enjoys bookstores, record stores, watching live music, film, and more than his fair share of streaming shows.