Antonio Choy Koo

Fluent in English and Spanish, Antonio is both a CPA and an SPHR with almost twenty years of accounting and HR experience in the nonprofit sector. He graduated from an MBA program in Management in Honolulu, Hawaii.

“Community Initiatives is in the best city it could be.” Antonio Choy Koo notes what we know is true. San Francisco is rich with nonprofits staffed with caring people developing healthy communities. Not only are they numerous, but they are diverse, and that’s Antonio’s favorite part of working with Community Initiatives. From social services to education, the environment, health, and more, he calls out the critical support Community initiatives provides through finance, accounting, payroll and tax reporting – particularly for start-up organizations.

He grew up in Lima, Peru, and from there went to Hawaii for graduate work. Since receiving a job offer in San Francisco two decades ago, he has been enjoying the Bay Area’s rich culture. He particularly enjoys taking care of his home and yard, as well as spots his family owns in the Sierras near Yosemite.