Client Services Program Coordinator

Liz Craig

Liz has lived in the Bay Area since 2007 but growing up spent her time between Georgia and California. Her background includes work in special education, veterinary medicine, and the FAA. Her most recent role was at a molecular diagnostics startup on the operations team where her day to day included anything from data entry to putting out literal fires (and reminding scientists to not microwave metal)!

She was introduced to Community Initiatives by a colleague who joined another team and this is her first non-profit experience. Liz appreciates that everyone at Community Initiatives is focused on helping one another to attain a common goal and that everyone is truly interested and invested in the projects that come to Community Initiatives for sponsorship.

In her free time Liz is an avid movie buff, attends live music events of almost every genre, crafts anything from cross-stitch to cosplay pieces, and spends time trying new recipes and beer gardens.