Executive Assistant and Board Liaison

Rachel Miller Executive Assistant and Board Liaison

Rachel joined Community Initiatives as Executive Assistant and Board Liaison after several years working administrative positions in more formal finance organizations, most recently for Grosvenor Americas Inc., the Duke of Westminster. While she enjoyed her previous work, she sought out a position in a nonprofit where she could find more meaning putting her skills to use. 

Working for a nonprofit fiscal sponsor and its many diverse projects is a perfect match for Rachel and her passion to help make the world a better place. From her first board meeting onward, she has loved learning about the work done and how the projects serve their constituents. A volunteer in the community as well, she has most recently worked with hospice in the East Bay and St. Vincent de Paul's where she helps people find food and clothing and the support to rebuild their lives.    

Outside of work and volunteering, Rachel enjoys time spent with her boyfriend and her daughter, and attempts to manage her overly-frisky kitties and her tarantula, "Ziggy Stardust." As an East Bay native, Rachel loves to go see the Oakland As, take walks around Lake Merritt, and hike around Oakland to see murals and art. She relishes the hunt to expand her record collection, attend concerts, and leave plastic dinosaur figurines in her favorite places to be discovered by kids and adults alike. And if you haven’t tried it yet, she’ll happily make a case for one of her favorite restaurants, La Mar in San Francisco, and its delicious menu of Peruvian seafood.