Janet Camarena

Janet Camarena serves as the director of Transparency Initiatives for the  Foundation Center, working to champion greater foundation transparency. A key part of her role is to provide leadership for Glasspockets.org, which she helped to found and build in 2010. Glasspockets provides a variety of tools and features designed to encourage philanthropic openness. It has been recognized by the Webby Awards and was also selected as one of the Top 100 websites by PC Magazine. Previously, she served as Director of the Foundation Center’s regional office in San Francisco for 15 years. She led a team of six professionals in delivering extensive outreach and capacity building services throughout the Western United States, planning and overseeing training for social sector audiences, carrying out donor development and cultivation, and producing live and online programming such as the popular Meet the Grantmakers and Philanthropy Chat podcast series.

As a first-generation American, whose family hails from Mexico, Janet recognizes the importance of access for all to information and educational services and has also played an important role in Foundation Center’s creation and delivery of culturally and linguistically competent resources on grantseeking.  She was among 48 nonprofit leaders selected for the American Express Nonprofit Leadership Academy. She completed her undergraduate work at Mills College and received a Master’s degree in Library and Information Science from San Jose State University. In addition to serving on the board of Community Initiatives, she also serves as a board member of the Alameda County Library Foundation.

Mary Ann J. Fake

Mary Ann has worked in a variety of organizations from asset management and investment firms to nonprofits. She has held senior finance, accounting, and audit positions at Barclays Global Investors, Wells Fargo Bank, Bank of the West, and Bank of America as well as the Gordon & Betty Moore Foundation, and has served on the Board of New Resource Bank in San Francisco. She is currently the US Finance Director for Funding Circle, a small business peer to peer lending network, and is a member of the Board of Clean Water Action, a Washington D.C. based organization which works to win strong health and environmental protections by bringing issue expertise, solution-oriented thinking, and people power to the table.

Mary Ann is committed to integrity in financial reporting and has a particular interest in creating incentives to encourage sustainable business behavior through transparency and disclosure.

Mary Ann holds an inactive CPA license, with experience in public accounting at Arthur Andersen & Co. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Colorado with a degree in Accounting, and is an active member of the American Institute of CPA’s.

Dee Dee Mendoza

Dee Dee Mendoza is a veteran development professional, with more than 20 years of experience building support for nonprofits and higher education. She has pioneered the use of pre-exit philanthropy in higher ed, helping universities support early stage entrepreneurs and facilitating philanthropy from the startup sector. Blending entrepreneurship, philanthropy and education, these award-winning innovations have been featured in the Chronicle of Philanthropy, EAB Research, and more. Currently she directs West Coast Advancement for Dartmouth College; where she enjoys working with and learning from entrepreneurs, investors, and builders in refining her approach to development. Dee Dee is a graduate of Smith College, and lives in Oakland with her wife and two children.

Abbas Moloo

Abbas Moloo is the Senior Field Vice President at Mutual of America Financial Group. Mutual of America specializes in providing employer-sponsored retirement plans. Abbas, who is also a Certified Retirement Plan Specialist (CRPS), has been in the financial services sector for almost 20 years. Outside of his work obligations he is passionate about humanitarian causes around the world. He is the founder of Help Aid Africa, a nonprofit dedicated to changing the lives of underprivileged in East Africa. Abbas graduated with a BA in Risk Management and Insurance from Temple University, Philadelphia.

Loren Pogir

Loren has 20 years of experience in strategy, finance, and operations in healthcare, financial services and philanthropy and a life-long passion for transforming the experience of aging and end-of-life care.

While leading a $40 million annual grantmaking portfolio and an investigation into how to transform end-of-life care at the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, Loren realized there is a gap between the capability of experts and innovators in the field who are developing evidence-based solutions and their ability to take these solutions to scale.

To fill this gap, Loren founded Transform Care to help organizations and leaders in the field of aging, serious illness, advanced illness and end-of-life care build sustainable business models and implementation plans to transform the experience of aging and end-of-life care at scale.

Prior to founding Transforming Care Partners, Loren was the Managing Director at the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, a Chief Operating Officer at BlackRock, and Director of Strategy at BlackRock. Loren started her career at Ernst & Young in their Health Care Strategy Group and has consulted to non-profits in areas of aging including Experience Corp, Jewish Family Children’s Services Older Adult Services, and Chaparral House Nursing Home. Loren has over a decade of volunteer experience in nursing homes and adult day care centers and is currently a Palliative Care volunteer at Jewish and Family Children’s Services in San Francisco. As an expert in aging, serious illness and end-of-life care, Loren has been asked to speak at Stanford University MedEx and SXSW.

Loren is a CPA and has her BBA and MPA from the University of Texas at Austin. She lives in San Francisco with her family, and when not working, enjoys playing with her son and drinking tea under her maple tree.

Barbara Rhomberg

Barbara Rhomberg is a partner in Kavanagh Rhomberg LLP, a law firm that represents nonprofit organizations and their charitable donors on the unique legal issues of the nonprofit sector. Her work includes forming nonprofit organizations and obtaining tax-exempt status, planned and charitable giving, limits on lobbying and campaign intervention for exempt organizations, grant compliance, endowments and donor-restricted funds, nonprofit mergers and dissolutions, unrelated business tax, and nonprofit corporate governance.

Barbara taught nonprofit organization law as an adjunct professor at the University of San Francisco School of Law, and also taught nonprofit law to students in USF’s Master of Nonprofit Administration program. She is currently chair of the California Lawyers Association Nonprofit Organizations Committee.

Barbara received her J.D. with distinction from Stanford Law School, and a B.A. from the University of California, Berkeley.

Maya Tussing

Maya is a Partner with Fairlight Advisors helping nonprofit leaders be financially resilient by providing first-class financial and investment solutions. Maya honed her experience in enterprise risk and investment management at corporations such as BlackRock, Barclays Global Investors, Visa, and GE. She takes great satisfaction in creating solutions for nonprofits and individuals based on programs deployed at some of the most respected financial services companies in the world. Additionally, Maya has coached hundreds of men and women at all levels of corporate and non-profit organizations to achieve personal and professional success and satisfaction. She is a graduate of Pomona College and holds an MBA in international finance from the University of Washington. 

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