The Power of Sharing: Nonprofit Risk

December 2, 2015

We’ve all heard about the rise of the sharing economy or collaborative consumption in the context of for-profits. Such high profile examples like e-Bay where anyone can become a retailer or Airbnb where owners of underused assets rent out their home are becoming the norm for how we think and access services.  So far, the […]

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The New Normal of Nonprofit Turnover

October 21, 2015

Employee turnover is a challenge and a reality that all nonprofit organizations face.  Community Initiatives is no exception, and all of our nonprofit projects are experiencing turnover at a rate higher than in decades past.  It is critical for projects to think of themselves as institutions that can thrive outside of the personalities and knowledge […]

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What is the Role of Advisory Committees?

September 25, 2015

Fiscally sponsored projects, like those in the Community Initiatives network, are different from nonprofits in a number of ways. A prominent example is that because the Community Initiatives board holds fiduciary responsibilities for all projects, the projects themselves don’t have formal boards, but every Community Initiatives project has an advisory committee. Committee members represent an […]

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Introducing WeDidIt, New Fundraising Platform for Community Initiatives

June 25, 2015

We have heard loud and clear that our projects are dissatisfied with our previous fundraising platform, Network for Good. Projects have told us that Network for Good requires too many clicks, it is hard for donors to find projects, and projects don’t have immediate access to their data and accounts.  As a result, projects have […]

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Spring Means…Annual Report Season

March 24, 2015

Spring is a great time to examine the fruits of the seeds planted the previous year. If our projects are our seeds, our team is working to water and feed them every day. The fruit they bear as a result feeds the community we proudly serve. In the nonprofit community, many of us use the […]

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