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Nonprofit Activists

Activists care most about making a positive change in the communities they serve. One of the biggest barriers for an individual or group to quickly make an impact is the time spent researching nonprofit risks, adhering to gov­ern­mental regulations, and meeting legal responsibilities. From day one, Community Initiatives eliminates the administrative bur­den and keeps you focused on impact. As you succeed, we have all the right tools in place to support your organization’s growth for years to come.

Employees are often a nonprofit organization’s primary asset. Your employees should have access to the benefits and protections they deserve. With Community Initiatives, your employees are our employees; they gain entry to our employer sponsored healthcare options and retirement plans. Your team will have an employee manual with sick and vacation leave policies ready to go. Supervisors will receive sexual harassment training, and paychecks will always go out on time. We’re committed to help take care of your most important asset, your people.