We Work with Foundations

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We work with hundreds of foundations who provide grant support to our project network. Foundations recognize that Community Initiatives ensures the legal and fiscal com­pliance of every program and invests in their success.

Community Initiatives offers professional ser­vices for philanthropic efforts. Our expert team provides cost-effective grant administration and accounting so foundations can remain focused on their giving goals and impact. We’re also an ideal home for project pools that involve multiple donors and funders.

If you’re a foundation that wants to test out new ideas, or scale up a small donor collaborative, a comprehensive fiscal sponsor like Community Initiatives is a great place to start. With us as your partner, you’ll enable your passionate people to quickly enact their missions. You can rely on accurate and timely reporting, while knowing that your funds are being used in accordance with the perimeter of each grant agreement.

Funders can rely on Community Initiatives as a trusted partner for your philanthropic work.