We handle:

Benefits, Payroll,
Human Resources

Our human resources team’s proactive approach increases our projects’ capacity and makes them more effective, efficient, and legally compliant.

We offer our projects comprehensive human resource management. As a fiscally sponsored project with Community Initiatives, your employees are our employees. You’ll always have an up-to-date employee handbook and established hiring protocols. Our vetted benefits providers offer employees healthcare and retirement options. Payroll administration, W9s, and 1099s are all taken care of. Sexual harassment training that is required by law is completed with all employees. We handle workers’ compensation and unemployment insurance. We can even process visa applications for international employees.

We offer comprehensive backend support for your HR needs, and provide front-end expertise as well. Our team is by your side when drafting job descriptions, recruiting talent, determining appropriate compensation, and we are even available to participate in candidate interviews. We’re your partners in employee conflict resolution, grievances, and mediation when necessary. If a difficult termination situation arises, we work together for amicable departures. As a Community Initiatives project, you’re never navigating these situations alone.

Every Year We:


Over 300

Background check

Nearly 200

"Community Initiatives has made it possible for us to scale and professionalize our operations! WE FEEL CONFIDENT in our financials... so that we can focus on programmatic efforts. We’re also very glad to have staff with contracts and benefits and are thankful for this support, as well as advice on human resources issues."

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