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Community Initiatives has supported hundreds of projects for over 25 years.

We provide comprehensive administrative services that significantly reduce the administrative burden on projects in our network. What does “comprehensive” mean? Financial management, human resources, payroll, health insurance, liability insurance, legal services, grant management support, contract management, tax compliance and management, and online fundraising dashboards. We handle it all.

Community Initiatives by the Numbers

Annually, Community Initiatives manages over $40 million in nonprofit assets for over 100 projects. Every year, we:

  • Administer around 350 institutional grants
  • Process over 8,000 individual donations
  • Support over 250 employees
  • Conduct nearly 200 background checks

Why people choose Community Initiatives

Our project leaders tell us that they chose fiscal sponsorship with Community Initiatives because it saves them time, resources, and provides them with support from industry experts. If a volunteer gets hurt or your building burns down—issues we’ve helped our partners survive—we’re a phone call away and we walk through the challenge with you. If you’re unsure about grant eligibility or how to manage funder contracts, we answer those questions and help you with grant administration. If an HR issue arises, we’re there to help you navigate it. Ready to expand? We’ll strategize and troubleshoot with you. Our team is staffed with experts in all areas of nonprofit management, and as a Community Initiatives project, our team is your team, too.


Makes Community
Initiatives Different?

While there are as many models for fiscal sponsorship as there are sponsors, most models take a casual or issue-focused approach. Few organizations take on a comprehensive fiscal sponsorship model like Community Initiatives. We focus solely on infrastructure to deliver the most comprehensive support.

* Sometimes

Beware with Casual Fiscal Sponsorship

Your money and reputation are at risk when you enter into a casual fiscal sponsorship agreement, meaning you only share 501(c)(3) status with another organization. Often Casual Fiscal Sponsors are 501(c)(3) who “help out” other organizations. Casual Fiscal Sponsors have not invested in the internal infrastructure required to effectively track and monitor other organizations funds. So, they’re limited in their ability to safeguard your funds and programmatic interests.