Community Initiatives - in service to great ideas

"Community Initiatives is the car that gets us where we want to go."

-José González, Latino Outdoors

"I can’t tell you how helpful it was to have infrastructure in place once we got major funding."

-Lisa Truong, Help a Mother Out

"Community Initiatives saves us time and gives us peace of mind to focus on our events."

- Debora Tingley, Memory Care Café

We assist, champion, and provide administrative services to unincorporated nonprofit projects that benefit the community.

  • We administer $30 million in nonprofit assets for approximately 100 projects.
  • We administer payroll and benefits for 150 employees and run 175 background checks annually.
  • We accept and disburse over 9,000 individual donations every year.

Nonprofit administration is what we do.

We serve projects that focus on animal welfare, social justice initiatives, environmental causes, arts, education, health and so much more.  We serve projects large and small:

  • 21% of Community Initiatives’ programs have annual budgets under $50,000,
  • 18% have budgets over $500,000, and the majority fall somewhere in between.
  • We have a strong California presence, yet 42% of projects operate outside of the state, including some internationally.

Get to know our rich community.

Since 1996, San Francisco-based Community Initiatives has  supported community projects, ideas, and partnerships with fiscal sponsorship. With shared 501(c)(3) status and back office services like financial management, human resources, and grant management, sponsored projects can focus on what matters most—delivering public good to communities.

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"We know that Community Initiatives is not just doing paperwork; you have our back and are invested in our growth."

- -Elizabeth Lanyon, SF Dyke March

Anyone can be a
nonprofit superhero!

Community Initiatives employs over 250 nonprofit professionals every year. When our projects are seeking talented individuals to support their great ideas, we share those opportunities with our whole community. Visit our Jobs Board to learn more.

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