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“Because [Community Initiatives] was handling the ‘back-end’ work, we were freed up to focus on implementing our mission.”

"Community Initiatives is the car that gets us where we want to go."

-José González, Latino Outdoors

“[Community Initiative’s staff were] …consistently available, responsive, and professional in navigating grant issues, including budget changes and a no-cost extension.”

"Our insurance through Community Initiatives has been a life saver for us."

-Mission Science Workshop

"Community Initiatives is a solid foundation from which we are able to build."

- Genesis Healing Institute

"Community Initiatives has made it possible for us to scale and professionalize our operations!"

-The Carpentries

"By taking care of the "back-end" work, Community Initiatives has enabled us to focus on our programmatic needs and opportunities."

- The Healing WELL

“[Community Initiatives] has shown real support in different scenarios and situations that have shown up and we have a very good communication.”

“[Community Initiatives] is a steady ship. When things are uncertain, it is helpful to have a partner who is on it and ready to help you through.”

"Community Initiatives allows us to focus on the mission and not get distracted by administrative tasks."

-The Fund for People in Parks

Community Initiatives is a Dedicated Fiscal Sponsor

Community Initiatives is a dedicated fiscal sponsor whose sole purpose is to provide
best-in-class infrastructure for nonprofit leaders.

We know the right questions to ask to help you develop a
sustainable and scalable solution in your community.



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At Community Initiatives, we have a broad interpretation of community. Unlike other fiscal sponsors, our projects work on various issues and in diverse geographic areas. They also vary in staff and budget sizes. So, no matter how you define yourselves, be it by identity, geography, or shared experience, you’ll have a home with us. 


Our Projects

Serve Over 654,653 People Per Year

In One Year:

  • 0%
    of projects reported organizational improvements
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    of projects made a difference through populations served

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84% say they are satisfied with Community Initiatives services.

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"We know that Community Initiatives is not just doing paperwork; you have our back and are invested in our growth."

- -Elizabeth Lanyon, SF Dyke March

Anyone can be a
nonprofit superhero!

Community Initiatives employs more than 300 nonprofit professionals every year. When our projects are seeking talented individuals to support their great ideas, we share those opportunities with our whole community. Visit our Jobs Board to learn more.

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