Will Your Project Be a Leader on CI’s Board?

By Theresa Fay-Bustillos

Diversity of skills and perspectives on a board is essential to board functionality and impact. Cultivating a diverse, robust board of directors makes any organization stronger, and it is just smart business! With diverse skill sets from some of your most committed supporters, nonprofits can have a high level of expert collaboration with a limited budget. Our clients accomplish this daily through their dedicated advisory committee members.

We are exceptionally proud of the talent of CI’s current board and of how well their experience and expertise produce results and sound advice that advance our mission. But one perspective is missing: the voice of an advisory committee member or executive director from one of our fiscally sponsored projects. We are now actively seeking a project leader to join our leadership team.

Our board gathers quarterly to work together in keeping Community Initiatives strong. Interested executive directors or advisory committee members from our network of 100 fiscally sponsored projects should reach out to the President and CEO of Community Initiatives, Theresa Fay-Bustillos at

Here are key highlights of the rich experience and skills of our current board:

  • Ruth Williams has a robust background in the arts, information technologies, grants administration, financial analysis, and program development. Ruth also serves on the board of Bay Area Blacks in Philanthropy.
  • Alison Fong specializes in public finance and strategic planning for government, non-profit organizations, and international businesses.
  • Sarah Bacon has a background in African-American Studies, and her expertise is in media, technology, and strategic online fundraising.
  • Evan Boido bringing an extensive human resources background from a variety of organizations, Evan is passionate about child welfare and global peace and justice.
  • Janet Camarena has dedicated her career to the causes of information access, transparency, capacity building, and cultivation of culturally and linguistically competent resources.
  • Diana Campoamor is the leader of the far-reaching and impactful Hispanics in Philanthropy network. Diana is also a published author, writing on Latino leadership, philanthropy, LGBT communities, and more.
  • Nik Dehejia leveraging his experience in corporate responsibility and social entrepreneurship, is now an integral part of the evolving transformation of the Oakland Zoo into an evermore robust and ambitious facility that champions biodiversity and animal welfare.
  • Janine Guillot brings a wealth of experience from multiple financial services roles, and specializes in operations, policy, outreach, and sustainability.
  • Zoe Hunton is an attorney with a background in anthropology and nonprofit research.  Zoe counsels nonprofit organizations, charitable foundations, and social purpose businesses on corporate legal matters and social impact strategy.
  • Chris McCrum is a UK Chartered Accountant with experience in strategy and operations at major foundations. He also has deep leadership skills garnered at international corporations.

Community Initiatives has a rich mosaic of experiences, skill sets, and passions that expertly help to shape the future. The inclusion of a project executive director or advisory committee member will further strengthen our network–from within.

Posted August 3, 2016 in General

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