Who we Sponsor

Projects come to us for various reasons and with different structures all to participate in the nonprofit sector. We sponsor individuals, groups, or funders with charitable purposes across all sectors of nonprofit work. Our projects include:

  • Emerging organizations
  • Transfers from other fiscal sponsors
  • Projects of limited duration
  • Community responses to crises and urgent calls to action
  • Collaborative, philanthropic efforts among foundations


  • Projects must have a charitable mission
  • $24,000 in confirmed funding and a minimum annual operating budget of $24,000

See a list of our current fiscally sponsored projects.



“Community Initiatives is a great fit; they manage our finances and human resources, including payroll, benefits management, insurance, and employer-paid taxes. Relying on Community Initiatives’ administrative expertise to handle these back-office details allows Active Voice to concentrate on its mission and grow.”
Ellen Schneider Founder, Active Voice