We’ve Listened To You!

By Theresa Fay-Bustillos

You should not have to memorize our organizational chart to get the support you need or keep track of the new services we are offering—as a full-service fiscal sponsor we should be proactive in how we respond and suggest solutions and options.  During this year of staff transition, you have expressed some confusion about how to access needed services.  We’ve listened to you!  Today, we are excited to announce changes we are making to our organizational structure to address these issues head-on—the new “Project Specialist” model.

Each of our 100 projects will be assigned to one project specialist who will be your “go to” contact facilitating and coordinating any support you need from the Community Initiatives team. You can think of them as your account manager. Bottom line: you will have one person at CI whose job it is to focus on making sure your project needs are met.

This week, each of our fiscally sponsored projects will be hearing from their assigned specialist. Whether you have been paired with Gayle, Susan, Andrea, or Amanda, know that we have carefully considered which specialist can support you best. We have also ensured that each project specialist has a manageable caseload so you get the answers you need in a timely way.

Each of our specialists is undergoing a rigorous and uniform 16-module training program, so that they are well equipped to support projects’ diverse needs. Of course, CI will still retain our talented experts in human resources, finance, law, strategic planning, grants administration and communications and social media, and they will be tapped by your specialist whenever appropriate.

We wanted to make sure we were designing a system that works for projects, so we piloted this new model with a number of projects. Read about their experiences in their own words:

One Day at a Time Pic with quotes

“Community Initiatives offers so many great services, so having one person who knows your organization and has a history with you makes managing the details of our programs more manageable. It’s been a pleasure working with Susan at Community Initiatives.” –Jennifer Dhillon, Healthy Generations Project

“Having Andrea as our “go to” person at Community Initiatives makes for easy interaction with every aspect of what CI provides.  Timely answers to questions, assistance with contracts, connections to the tools and resources available through CI allow us to spend more time on our mission and far less on administrivia.”  -Bob Hansen, The Fund for People in Parks

“A great aspect of this system is that our specialist has the opportunity to become very well versed in the development of the project itself and be able to advocate for it from within.” –Patricia Ris, Memory Care Café

“I am very happy with the new specialist structure. It can be difficult to figure out who at CI can best answer a specific question. I now have confidence that our specialist will help communicate and follow up to make sure we get a thorough answer in a reasonable time frame.  The specialist therefore saves us time and gives us peace of mind, so that we can get on with doing the work that is important to our mission.  I hope that the specialist system becomes a permanent structure at CI!” -Deborah Tingley, Memory Care Café

Our project specialists are a key part of our ongoing strategic planning process. You will hear about some additional changes at CI over the course of the next year. One thing will remain the same: responsiveness to project needs is at the center of every change we will make!


Posted April 9, 2015 in General

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