Effective administration. It’s what we do best, and it’s all we do. When you partner with Community Initiatives, it means you can focus on what you do best - program and service delivery. Don’t worry about filing taxes. It’s handled. Don’t worry about payroll administration. We take care of that too. When you work with Community Initiatives, you’ll spend far less time on administration and far more time delivering the programs and services that motivate you and make a difference in your communities.

Community Initiatives provides complete administration in the most time and expertise intensive areas of nonprofit management, from human resources, payroll administration, tax preparation and filing, financial management and more.

If you managed all of these services by yourself, the cost could swallow as much as 20-40% of your operating budget.

With Community Initiatives, we handle it all, and 90% of your fundraising remains with your staff and programs.

Even in times when you need additional support, such as during a legal or human resource challenge, Community Initiatives will provide you services at the same low monthly cost.

As a fiscally sponsored project, you will have one primary point of contact coordinating all of the services we offer. Your Client Services Manager is your representative and expert when it comes to making the most of your relationship with Community Initiatives.

  • Benefits, Payroll, and Human Resources

  • Financial Management

  • Tax Preparation and Compliance

  • Grant Management

  • Risk Management and Insurance

  • Legal Counsel

  • Coaching

  • Donation Management and Crowdfunding

Benefits, Payroll, and Human Resources

Does your organization have an up to date personnel handbook? Do you have established hiring systems? Do you have a plan for employee healthcare and other benefits? Biweekly payroll administration for employees and contractors? How about experts on-call to handle human resources challenges? If you are a sponsored project with Community Initiatives, the answer to all those questions is “yes.”

Financial Management

All nonprofit administrators should understand the fundamentals of responsible financial management. Sound stewardship of an organization’s money is at the core of effective program delivery. But it doesn’t have to be your focus, and you don’t have to be a finance expert. You just have to have the right people collaborating on your fiscal well-being. At Community Initiatives, we make sure your books are well managed with the following services:

Tax Preparation and Compliance

What is one of the best things about partnering with Community Initiatives? The only time you will interact with IRS is when you review and approve the filings our staff prepares for you. At Community Initiatives, we ensure you comply with all nonprofit tax regulations with the following services:

Grant Management

From expert advice in applying for grants to trusted grant reporting, our team will make your organization look good to current and potential funders. The Community Initiatives team helps you manage your grants with the following services:

Risk Management and Insurance

From disastrous facility fires to volunteer injuries, no project is immune to risk. As a part of our community, you will be protected by comprehensive insurance. Even if you know the scope of the coverages you need, your organization might not have the financial means to access it. By pooling the risk among projects, we can provide comprehensive coverage that is affordable to everyone.


When running a small nonprofit, you are responsible for, well….everything! That means becoming skilled in program delivery and fundraising. Community Initiatives offers expert coaching in a wide variety of areas, including marketing and communications, strategic planning, fundraising, board and volunteer engagement and more. Check with your Client Services Manager to learn how to access customized coaching solutions.

Donation Management and Crowdfunding

When donations come in, Community Initiatives ensures that every contributions $250 and above receives a tax-compliant donor acknowledgement letter. This does not replace projects’ personalized thank you notes, but it ensures your donors are able to write off their gift.

Crowdfunding is rapidly growing as a prominent tool for nonprofit fundraising, We recognize that it is hard for our projects to find the time to identify the best platforms for their needs at a price they can afford. 

To solve this issue, Community Initiatives is partnering with the cutting edge web-based fundraising company: WeDidIt. Through this collaborative agreement, Community Initiatives projects have free access to a standard crowdfunding page or white labeled pages for a nominal fee. To limit “gotcha costs” we negotiated a low processing fee for all of our projects. With Community Initiatives and WeDidIt you get your funding quickly--so you can get back to work!