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SFUSD’s Future Dining Experience (formerly Reforming the School Food Experience)

static1.squarespaceOver the past decade many steps have been taken to improve SFUSD’s food systems, including aligning around the highest nutritional standards in the nation and making a bold commitment to feed every hungry child. Since January 2013, fresher meals are being served through a partnership with Revolution Foods. Still, we are faced with a number of challenges including low student participation, inadequate kitchen and cafeteria facilities, financial deficit and a problematic dining experience, such as long lines and limited space.

In spring 2013, we began a five-month collaboration with the innovation firm IDEO to rethink our school food system, including the spaces, technology, operations, and overall dining experience. Specifically, we focused on creating a vision for a student-centered, financially-stable system that engages kids in eating good food. More than 1,300 students, parents, nutrition staff, principals, teachers, administrators, and community partners were involved in this process. We now have a distinct roadmap for our Future Dining Experience, and we need your help to bring it to fruition.


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