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Project Grace


Project Grace organizes unique service trips for the bereaved. Our participants — grieving mothers, fathers, spouses, families and friends — come together in a supportive environment for the purpose of honoring their loved one while providing service to a community in need. Whether they are singing songs with the children of an orphanage, handing out food and clothing to the families living at the Puerto Vallarta dump in Mexico, helping to build a school in Nicaragua, or exploring ancient grieving rituals in the Greek Islands, our goal is to help Project Grace participants find compassion, hope and a renewed sense of purpose through dedicating their time and hearts to a meaningful endeavor. Laughter, friendship, tears and treasured moments are all a part of the experience as participants share their stories, offer compassion and support to one another, and work together to provide tangible aid to a community in need.

The mission of Project Grace is to create a safe and supportive environment in which bereaved mothers, fathers and family members can honor their loved one through service.
Your donations will go toward providing scholarships to those who would not otherwise have the opportunity to participate in a Project Grace trip.


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Pamela H. David Executive Director, Walter and Elise Haas Fund