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One Day At a Time

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One Day At a Time (ODAT)’s mission is to provide youth with a supportive network of adults and peers, opportunities for academic and personal growth and exposure to positive impacting experiences. By enhancing education and leadership skills, providing guidance and developing trusting relationships; we empower our youth and young adults with the confidence and life skills to make better choices while promoting positive lifestyles.


One Day at a Time believes that mentoring, effective coping and adjusting, and responding to issues positively, will provide the framework for youth and young adults to successfully navigate through life. The organization works hard to empower underserved youth and young adults in order to prevent or deter them from negative or undesirable behaviors. Our approach combines community, school and family resources in order to build the inner core. Our vision is to see the youth and young adults in our program become the best version of themselves and succeed in life. Most importantly, the key to ODAT’s success is its unwavering commitment to building relationships and trust. Every aspect of the program focuses on this as a core value.

Core Values

  • Provide a safe place for youth and young adults to have a voice and be listened to
  • Treat all with dignity and respect
  • Provide positive growth opportunities for children, youth and young adults
  • Model positive lifestyle choices


“Without Community Initiatives, California would not see the impact of hundreds of beneficial projects. They are an important part of our nonprofit landscape.”
Pamela H. David Executive Director, Walter and Elise Haas Fund