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North Street Collective


The North Street Collective, located in the Mendocino County town of Willits, gives artists and creative thinkers of every age the time, space, and support to do their work and contribute in meaningful ways to the local community. Through our artist residences, classes, events, and apprentice program, North Street is a place where stories of individuals and of communities are told, where connections are made, and where creative work gets done.

At North Street, artist leaders:
• Have time, space, and support to produce new work
• Ask questions and try new approaches
• Share knowledge and build connections
• Explore stories about place, identity, and the natural environment
• Infuse new energy, ideas, and activity into local economic, civic, and cultural life.

North Street is an exciting place to be. We welcome visitors at any time, and we invite you to join our growing community as a supporter, volunteer, audience member or donor.

Thank you for your support!


“Without Community Initiatives, California would not see the impact of hundreds of beneficial projects. They are an important part of our nonprofit landscape.”
Pamela H. David Executive Director, Walter and Elise Haas Fund