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Milton Marks Neuro-Oncology Family Camp

We believe the Milton Marks Neuro-Oncology Family Camp represents an unprecedented effort to address the needs of brain tumor patients and their families that reach beyond medical therapy. Spanning three days, the Camp will provide much needed  respite to families from their daily burdens along with therapeutic workshops and enjoyable activities so that they all can relate to and bond with one another.

In 2010, Milton Marks III was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor and began a two-year journey along with his wife and three young children that profoundly changed their lives. Over the course of his life, Milton was recognized as a civic and community leader and it is in the memory of his passion to help others that his wife Abigail began a mission to better understand and meet the needs of brain tumor patients and their families. Her vision evolved into a camp where families living with brain cancer can come together and find respite in a holistic environment.


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