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Public Engagement for Public Schools (PEPS)

922a589b-715d-4b48-8527-d8122d27aa6fPublic Engagement for Public Schools (PEPS) believes that public education is foundational to democracy and without it, the promise of our country is meaningless. We also believe that broad based public support is essential to a healthy public school system. We provide opportunities for San Franciscans to support public schools with our hearts, minds, money and votes.

It’s our civic duty–it’s time for us to step up.

PEPS is a process to deepen and expand meaningful public engagement to support San Francisco public schools. We are not a new organization. We are not sponsored by an existing organization. We do not represent any education reform agenda.

The PEPS vision is to engage the citizens of San Francisco more deeply into supporting public education, by drawing upon our collective and individual imaginations, resources and talents to support San Francisco public schools.


“Without Community Initiatives, California would not see the impact of hundreds of beneficial projects. They are an important part of our nonprofit landscape.”
Pamela H. David Executive Director, Walter and Elise Haas Fund