Introducing WeDidIt, CI’s New Fundraising Platform

We have heard loud and clear that our projects are dissatisfied with our previous fundraising platform, Network for Good. Projects have told us that Network for Good requires too many clicks, it is hard for donors to find projects, and projects don’t have immediate access to their data and accounts.  As a result, projects have been exploring options on their own, and are using over 15 different fundraising platforms, often at an additional cost to your limited budgets and not supported by Community Initiatives.

As your fiscal sponsor, it is our responsibility to provide you with tools that make your jobs easier while also setting you up for fundraising success. Because of the unique business model of fiscal sponsorship, no existing online donation platforms were available that would allow all of our projects to access their accounts and data in real time.  We are pleased to announce our partnership with WeDidIt.  CI has made a significant investment in partnering with this technology company that has a solid track record of working with some impressive nonprofits, including Amnesty International and the Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens.  As a start-up company, they are willing to invest and modify platforms that will meet the unique needs of the fiscal sponsor community.


We Did It logoWeDidIt will be your source for all types of individual fundraising:  campaigns, peer to peer, crowdsourcing, and more. The platform will provide your project with real time access to your accounts and the data on your campaign performance.  According to Inc. Magazine, “the WeDidIt dashboard helps non-profits measure the ROI of their fundraising initiatives by comparing the effectiveness of every Tweet, Facebook post, and email the non-profit sends out.” Not only is this platform customized to the needs of projects, it is more effective than other donation platforms available.  Nonprofits that have made the switch to WeDidIt from other platforms have seen, on average, a 15 percent increase in donations.  This is fundraising for 2015!


One key factor in choosing to partner with WeDidIt is their commitment to customer service. They don’t just offer technical support—they have resources to improve your fundraising methods. They offer an extensive and growing library of training videos and FAQs to help you maximize your fundraising potential.  The WeDidIt website also offers real time chat when you have questions.

In addition, at Community Initiatives, Jyan Omidian will be answering questions about customization, or if you are having issues getting your account set-up with WeDidIt.  He can be reached at (415) 230-7700 or by e-mail at  And, of course, you can always reach out to your assigned Specialist.

We know that it is hard for projects to find the time to vet the best technology platforms for their needs, and would rarely have the budget to create a customized solution. Well, CI takes your needs very seriously and has made a significant investment in time and money to make this possible.  We are so excited by this latest development.

Posted June 25, 2015 in General

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