The Process

Thank you for your interest in Community Initiatives’ fiscal sponsorship. Please review the following steps before applying.

1. Please study our website.

Many of your questions are answered in these pages.

2. Make an initial inquiry.

If, after reviewing the website, you wish to apply for fiscal sponsorship or have additional questions, please contact us for approval to submit your application. If we determine that your proposed project is not appropriate for fiscal sponsorship with Community Initiatives, we will make every effort to refer you elsewhere and/or suggest options.

3. Submit a draft application and budget for fiscal sponsorship and schedule a meeting with our staff.

See our application page for details. Community Initiatives requires an in-depth interview to review your application materials, preferably in-person.

4. Meet with Community Initiatives staff.

During the in-depth meeting to review your application materials, we will offer suggestions for strengthening the request for fiscal sponsorship, answer your questions, explain how we deliver services, and ensure we understand your project fully.  This meeting allows you to determine if we are the right fiscal sponsor for your project and to verify if this is a good fit for us.

5. Submit a final complete application by the upcoming deadline.

Our Board of Directors meets quarterly, and we mail the Board materials two weeks prior to the meeting. We need your final proposal prior to that deadline.  In the case of emergencies (e.g., foundation or donor must provide a donation/grant by a certain date), we can expedite a request by calling a special meeting of the Board.

6. Await approval from Community Initiatives’ Board of Directors.

The Board will approve or decline your application or request additional information.

  • If your project is approved for fiscal sponsorship, staff will notify you.  During this discussion, you and staff will agree upon a start date and we will send you a draft agreement to review prior to your orientation.
  • If the Board requests more information, your application will be reviewed again once the information is received at the next scheduled Board meeting.
  • If your project is declined by the Board of Directors, we will make every effort to refer you elsewhere or suggest a next step.

7. Attend an orientation meeting at our offices in San Francisco.

An accepted applicant may enroll at any time within one year of acceptance.  Once you decide to start and a Sponsorship Agreement is executed, your orientation will be scheduled.  It normally takes about two to three hours–you will meet our staff and get detailed information about how we operate and how Community Initiatives and its projects assume joint accountability.

“We were early and enthusiastic supporters of fiscal sponsorship. The service provided by Community Initiatives adds flexibility and effectiveness to our grant making.”