The Application

Please review our process before submitting an application for fiscal sponsorship.

The first step is to download and submit a Fiscal Sponsorship Inquiry Form. We’ll review your submission, then contact you to schedule a conference call with Community Initiatives President and CEO, Theresa Fay-Bustillos. If you are invited to apply for fiscal sponsorship, your next step will be to download and complete the application, first-year budget using our budget template, outline of the proposed project, and list of Advisory Committee members (“application materials”)–described more fully below.

Completed application materials should be submitted to  If you have questions about how to complete them please email us at or call (415) 230-7700.  The following documents should be submitted to Community Initiatives according to our submission deadlines.

1. A completed Fiscal Sponsorship Applicant Questionnaire. Note: these documents may download to your downloads folder. Check there for the files if they don’t immediately open on your computer.

2. A letter requesting fiscal sponsorship for your project. It should include:   A brief outline of the proposed project (usually four to five pages) that describes its nonprofit purpose, need it addresses, research or justification supporting the purpose, approach to funding, target beneficiaries, and three-year vision of success.

3. First-year Budget which describes all anticipated expenses and revenue, including Community Initiatives fee.  Every project applying to Community Initiatives must provide $24,000 in identified funding (in-hand or formally committed) to be considered for fiscal sponsorship. Use our Budget Template to provide the information.

4. Advisory Committee must be composed of at least three persons who can provide oversight and advice and counsel to the project.  No more than 49 percent of the members of the Advisory Committee may be paid by the project. (In other words, the majority must be unpaid.)

The Advisory Committee must, at minimum, assume the following joint responsibilities:

  • Sign the fiscal sponsorship agreement
  • Hire, supervise, and terminate when necessary and appropriate, the Project Director
  • On behalf of Community Initiatives Board, provide oversight of the project
“We were early and enthusiastic supporters of fiscal sponsorship. The service provided by Community Initiatives adds flexibility and effectiveness to our grant making.”