Fiscally Sponsored Projects

Community Initiatives is excited to share news about the projects successes and accomplishments.  To learn more about each of these efforts, please like us on Facebook. You can also support the innovative ideas and solutions being advanced by the projects at the Support A Project page.

Current Projects

Active Voice Lab
Arthur H. Coleman Community Health Foundation
Attendance Works
Bay Area Blacks In Philanthropy
Bay Area Disc Association
Berkeley City College Bridge to Biotech Careers
Breaking Barriers
Business Council on Climate Change
Butler Koshland Fellowships
CA Foodshed Funders
California Child Welfare Consortium
Castro Country Club
Center for Engaged Scholarship
Center for Reaching and Teaching the Whole Child (CRTWC)
Center for Strategic Community Innovation
Construction Industry Workshop Initiative (CIWI)
Council for Global Equality
Dalai Lama Fellows
Early Childhood Funders
East Oakland Building Healthy Communities
Educators for Fair Consideration
El/La Para TransLatinas
Election Verification Network
Expanded Learning Collaborative Technical Assistance Project
Friends of SF Environment
FruitGuys Community Fund
Fund for People in Parks
Get Screened Oakland
Global Network of Black People Working in HIV
Growth Circles
Harmony Project Bay Area (formerly Music Team SF)
Healthy Generations Project
Help A Mother Out
Honoring Sacred Space Campaign
Honoring Sacred Space Restoration Project
Human Streets
Innovation Center for Community and Youth Development
Jewish Teen Education & Engagement Funder Collaborative
Latino Outdoors
Leadership Learning Community
Mass STEM Hub Industry Partner Program
Memory Care Cafe
Milton Marks Neuro-Oncology Family Camp
Mission Science Workshop
National Viral Hepatitis Roundtable
New Media Mentors
North American Primate Sanctuary Alliance
North Street Collective
Northern Sierra Partnership
Nursing Education Heritage Project
One Day at a Time
Our Children, Our Families
Palomacy Pigeon & Dove Adoptions
Parent Advisory Council
Project Grace
Renaissance Journalism & Storytelling Center
RENEW Center
Restorative Justice for Oakland Youth
San Francisco Aid for Animals
San Francisco Dyke March
San Francisco Hep B Free- Bay Area
San Francisco Human Services Network
San Francisco Peer Resources
San Francisco Teacher Residency
San Francisco Public Engagement for Public Schools (SF PEPS)
SFUSD’s Future Dining Experience (formerly Reforming the School Food Experience)
South Kern Sol
SPIN Academy
Startup Policy Lab
Teachers 4 Social Justice
Teaching Artists Guild (TAG)
Technology for Social Impact
The Carpentries
The Democracy Center
The Healing Well
The Vision Zero Network
Visitacion Valley Connections
Walnut Creek Village
Witness to Guantánamo
Women in Security and Privacy
Zoo Labs

Former Projects

52 Islands
950 Center for Arts and Education
A Better Course (formerly Campaign for Better Nutrition)
Action Point Project
Adopted and Fostered Adults of the African Diaspora
Alameda Community News Project
Alameda County Foster Youth Alliance
Ambassadors for Africa
Arts Commission Arts Education Project
Arts Education Funders Collaborative
Asia and Pacific Alliance to Eliminate Viral Hepatitis
Attention Trust
At The Crossroads
Anti-Discrimination Education
Ballot Initiative for Preschool California
Bay Area Climate Solutions
Bay Area Collaborative of American Indian Resources
Bay Area Immigrant Rights Coalition
Bay Area Leadership Network of Color
Bay Area Nonprofit Job-search Organization
Bay Area Parent Leadership Action Network
Bay Area Partnership
Bay Area Scholarship Awards
Bay Area Science Education Consortium
Bayview/Hunters Point Community Jobs Initiative
Bill Rigney Biography
Breast and Gynecological Cancer
Building Elder Strength Today Fund of The Atlantic Philanthropies
Business Development Initiative
Butler Cherry Ranch Project
California Competes
California Connected by 25 Initiative
California Family Resource Association
California in Paint 2000
California Justice Commission
California Legislative Program
California Small Business Forum
California Student Success Project
Camp Reel Stories
Castro Area Planning + Action
Celsius and Beyond
Center for Adults with Congenital Heart Disease
Center for Nonprofit Leadership
Center for Youth Wellness
Chalice Consort
Change the World
Charge Across Town Fund
Children’s Services Planning Project
City Concert Opera Orchestra
City Fit Path
Civic Engagement
Coalition for Progressive Values
CodeChix Education Fund
College Dream Team Project
Communities of Opportunity
Community Development Block Grant 25th Anniversary Committee
Community Fire Service
Community Jobs Initiative
Community Science Workshop Network Project
Community Task Force on Bay Area Homes for Children
Council of California Community Foundation
Creating Solutions
Culturally Effective Healthcare Development Project at Laguna Honda
Cultural Participation Initiative
Day Labor Center
Diabetes Hands Foundation
Diversity in Philanthropy
Do a Little Foundation
Early Childhood Innovation Project
Early Edge California
Eastern Horizons
Edah: A Community of Jewish Learning and Doing
Eden Area Village
Election Science Institute
Employment Justice Research Center
Endangered Species
Energy Resource Foundation
Engage Her, Inc.
Enriching Lives Through Music
Entertain Change!
Equal Equity Law Project
eQuality Scholarship Collaborative
Excelsior Action Group
Excelsior Youth Center
Eyes of Our Children
The San Francisco Foundation’s FAITHS Initiative
FAP Implementation Planning Project
First 5 San Francisco (Parent Action Group)
Foundation Consortium for School-Linked Services
French American Cultural Society
Friends of the Gateway
Friends of Women’s Health
Gen Art SF
Gerson/Overstreet Architects
Global Citizen Fund
Global Freedom Center Project
Global School Room
Guitars in the Classroom
Harding Theater Collaborative
Harrison House Music & Arts
Help Raise Healthy Children
Helping Wheels
Hewlett Fellow
High Hopes
Hispanic Community Foundation
Home Ownership SF
Independent Actors of Marin
Infant Toddler Consortium
Intertribal Friendship House Project
John Burton Foundation for Children Without Homes
Judicial Education Film Initiative
JunctionHouse Commons
Keepers of the Flame
Laguna Honda Foundation
Latina Literature Project
Laguna Honda Foundation Phase I
Legal Community Against Violence
Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender Early Childhood Education Initiative
Lieder Alive!
LifeCycles Urban Education Center
Life on Wheels
Life’s Work Center, Inc.
Marin City Children’s Center
Math You Can Bank On
Media Enterprise Alliance
Mentor Me Petaluma
Microbicides as an Alternative Solution
Mission Dignity
Mission Tennis Academy
Model City Policy Project
Movement Strategy Center
Municipal Fiscal Advisory Committee to the Mayor
Music Concourse & Garage Fund
Music Concourse Community Partnership
National Network of Fiscal Sponsors
Neeki Foundation
New Tech Network Fund
New Tithing Group
Nichi Bei Foundation
Nuestra Casa
Ocean Avenue Revitalization Collaborative
Older Adult/Community Experience Partnership
Om Organics
OMI Cultural Committee
One Purpose School Fund
Open Source Digital Voting Foundation
Our Children, Our City
PARS Equality Center
Parent Involvement Project
Portola Neighborhood Association
Practical Support Program Initiative
Projects S.O.Y (Save Our Youth)
Promoting Contemporary African Art in America
Protecting Class Action Settlement Funds
Quality Child Care & Welfare Reform Initiative
Rap Sessions
Redstone Tenants Association
Research for Tomorrow, Research Today
Resident Wellness Program
ResolutionCare Fund
San Francisco Bay and Delta Estuary Center at Pier 45
San Francisco Child Care Planning and Advisory Panel
San Francisco Classical Voice
San Francisco Community Agencies Responding to Disaster
San Francisco Family Support Alignment Project
San Francisco Family Support Network
San Francisco Food Systems Council
San Francisco Free Press
San Francisco Partnership for Parks
Sausalito Village
SF Asset Building Initiative
SF Beacons Youth Development
SF-Zurich Initiative
7th Street McClymonds
SMILE Science U.S.
Soul of America
Square Peg Foundation
Starting Points
Take Out Until Completely Healed
Tax Equity Project
Tenderloin Safe Passage
Telegraph Hill
Ten Year Planning Council
The Bay Citizen (Bay Area News Project)
The Bay Mariner
The Early Manuscripts Electronic Library
The Fred T. Korematsu Institute
The Good Death Institute
The Odyssey
The Peter Harbage Fellowship
Threshold 2009
Tiny House Project
US OperaWeb
Very Public Art Projects
Village Network of Petaluma
Virtual Incubator Academy
Visual Arts/Language Arts (VALA)
Voices of Our Nations Arts (VONA) Foundation’s Summer Writing Workshop
Volunteerism Project Fund
Walker/Hupp Foundation
Walter S. Johnson Foundation/Special Projects
Ward76/American Psychiatric Association Benefit
West Oakland Community Partners for Education
Working Group on American Indian Issues
Youth Seed
Youth Spirit Artworks
Youth Wisdom Project
West Marin Fund

“Without Community Initiatives, California would not see the impact of hundreds of beneficial projects. They are an important part of our nonprofit landscape.”