Is the Form 1023 EZ the right solution to the IRS’ problems?

By M. Melanie Beene

Last month, The IRS announced it would introduce an EZ version of Form 1023, the application for 501c3 tax exempt status. The IRS intends for this three-page form to enable organizations to more easily and quickly apply for nonprofit status. The IRS expects the EZ form will cut the amount of time needed to fill out an application and the amount of time an organization waits for notification that its status has been approved.

While this seems like a way to fix a system broken by delays and bureaucracy, the current 25-page form works to weed out most organizations that do not meet the standards of a 501c3 purpose. Community Initiatives stands with our partners in the National Network of Fiscal Sponsors (NNFS) in calling on the IRS to not implement the Form 1023 EZ. Our colleague Jonathan Spack at Third Sector New England is leading the appeal on behalf of the NNFS. His comments are on the Third Sector website.

Posted April 30, 2014 in General

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