Since 1996, San Francisco-based Community Initiatives has been supporting community projects, ideas, and partnerships with fiscal sponsorship. With the support of shared 501(c)3 status, and back office services like financial management, human resources, and grant management, sponsored projects can focus on what matters most—delivering public good to communities.

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August Featured Project: Center for Engaged Scholarship

Created by and for social scientists, The Center for Engaged Scholarship is a progressive organization that wants the U.S. to be a more democratic, egalitarian, and environmentally sustainable society. Their first initiative is a dissertation fellowship for social science PhD students in the U.S. whose work can contribute to the change we seek. As the Center grows, it aspires to build a new generation of progressive scholars, create stronger networks across institutions and disciplines, support reform movements within particular disciplines, and articulate a strong, progressive vision for the future of higher education. Meet the cohort of inaugural fellows who are starting this fall!