Since 1996, San Francisco-based Community Initiatives has been supporting community projects, ideas, and partnerships with fiscal sponsorship. With the support of shared 501(c)3 status, and back office services like financial management, human resources, and grant management, sponsored projects can focus on what matters most—delivering public good to communities.

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February Featured Project: Memory Care Café

Memory Care Café is a Community Initiatives project that organizes informal meetings and social outings for people living in the Bay area with ‘forgetfulness’ (early-stage Alzheimer’s/dementia) and their care partners. We spoke with Program Director Patricia Ris and Development Director Debora Tingley about the necessity of social support services, fantastic partnerships, experimenting with marketing, and more.

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The Art of Advocacy Strategy (SSIR)

“Democracy without activism is a hollow thing, and now more than ever our activism must be as effective and as strategic as it can be.” -Jim..

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