Since 1996, San Francisco-based Community Initiatives has been supporting community projects, ideas, and partnerships with fiscal sponsorship. With the support of shared 501(c)3 status, and back office services like financial management, human resources, and grant management, sponsored projects can focus on what matters most—delivering public good to communities.

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July Featured Project: Palomacy Pigeon & Dove Rescue

Palomacy saves domestic (unreleasable) pigeons and doves that would otherwise be killed in San Francisco Bay Area shelters. With vet care, foster homes and adoptions, Palomacy has rescued more than 600 birds since 2007. Check out their new WeDidIt fundraising page. You can also find Amazing pictures of their work on Instagram and Facebook. 

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Who has helped you get by? Who has helped you advance in your career? Who has given your cause a leg up, out of generosity?

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